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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Stock Market Cafe

The Stock Market, Bonifacio High Street

The Stock Market had a change of administrative hand, thus, the alteration of their menu and other small details in the resto. They are now part of the bistro restaurants, alongside TGIF, etc.

The very posh seats with weaved materials and white block tables compliment the subtle green touches. Waiters are truly friendly and accomodating. When they see you loiter around their menu stand outside, they immediately ask you to come in.

It used to be a pineapple affair in the resto. Mini pineapple picks were propped on top of each table. The napkins have the green pineapple mark. But they toned it down after they changed management. There are no pineapples anymore. But I still love the white treatment on wood, stone, and cement.

The second floor windows give off a countryside mansion feel overlooking a pineapple field. The high ceiling makes the room airy, bright, cheerful, and relaxed. They have a ice cream / froyo station near the door.

Personally, I prefer the old menu. It's more interesting, and a lot cheaper. I felt robbed with their new prices. If everything tasted sensational, I would love to pay for it with a huge smile. Still, I can only comment on the dishes we tried. Nothing really stood out. Even the Black Sesame Sundae, which sounded new, didn't really have that 'sumthin-sumthing' special .

Complimentary bread basket with tomato toppings

Lymonada: Php120
Malunggay Citrus: Php165

Grilled Chicken Alfredo: Php395

Mashed Potato: Php90
Steamed Rice: Php75+

Grilled Salmon Fillet: Php550

Black Sesame Brittle Sundae: Php210

From the old menu:
Garden Salad with Candied Walnuts, Bleu Cheese, Fruits, and Wild Berry Dressing: Php 295

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake: Php210

The Stock Market Cafe Menu

Old Stock Market Menu

Del Monte Stock Market
Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
Tel: (02) 856-6301


  1. They completely changed their menu now. try it. :)

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