The Goose Station

The Goose Station, Fort Bonifacio

This small restaurant is getting raves from all over. I thought I'd try it out and take my mom on a dinner date. Although I don't often thread on fine dining restos, sometimes I get brave enough when it's payday, and call for a reservation.
It's assumed that diners to The Goose Station have their own ride. Jeepneys are miles away, and taxis maybe scarce.

Parking inside the W Tower costs Php40. At press time, they cater to 2 seatings only. 6PM and 8:30PM. Some just park outside the tower under the No Parking sign LOL but it's cool coz police marshalls with bikes only make rounds before sundown (according to the guard).
It's a daily challenge to feed the 6PM batch before the 8:30PM diners come. Some patrons are late. I don't know how it all ends as we came promptly in time.

Upon entering, one glance left and right and you'd see the whole of it. From wall to glass wall, The Goose Station is very personal, special, and limited. Grouped and single tables add up to more or less ten only. Reservation is a must! Walk-in is impossible.

With a tight space, the white table cloths widen the view a bit. The kitchen counter is on one side of the wall, with professional servers waiting on the side. Each table is assigned a waiter, who explains every dish after setting on the table.

I must say, most clienteles look well-off, and reeked of money smell LOL. But it's not an excuse to not pay The Goose Station a visit. To each his own anyway. I saw some lowly couples by the corner, and a lot of laughter from each table. FYI, Take-out is allowed.

Bathroom is beautiful. They have a stack of napkins with The Goose Station logo. Complete washroom facilites: soaps, hand wash, lotions, etc.

Signature Menu: Php2500

Express Menu: Php1700

Ala Carte Menu

Complimentary bread and butter (unlimited)

Ala Carte Orders
Apple Cinnamon Hot Tea: Php90

Fresh Lemonade: Php120

Squash Soup: Php375

Eggs Benedict: Php 375

Express Menu: Php 1700
Foie Cone

Potato Glass, Truffle Puff, Savory Macaroon

Beet Garden Salad

Unagi Foie Terrine

Lamb Ribs

Brioche Bread Pudding

Complimentary macaroon which looks like a burger (super tasty!)

For some dish highlights, all I can say is, I was so damn full after the 5-course meal. I barely made it to the main course. If only the Snacks* foie cone and macaroons can be ordered ala carte, I'd probably order by the dozen. They were awesome!
The Beet Garden Salad was a pleasure as well. Make sure to combine one or the other in a single mouthful paired with a slice of the cheese log. Yum!
The Eggs Benedict was too rich for me. It was deliciously creamy in a drowning way. Mix it well, slosh the egg yolk around the foam to get a full taste. I felt like chugging some artery cloggers while I swallow. Though it was sinfully worth it, I wasn't able to finish it.
On the Bread Pudding plate, we very much enjoyed the dark chocolate ice cream.
All in all, I'd say The Goose Station definitely deserves a visit. I don't critic food taste like a pro, I can only vouch for the experience I paid for, the service, the feel, and with my own humble taste, I know like The Goose Station (degustation) as much as I like Eminem's 'window pain' (windowpane).

The Goose Station
W Tower, 1117 39th st.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel: 556-9068

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