Whistlestop, Jupiter Street - Makati

Well done Whistlestop! Finally, a full-on resto open 24hours and offers freshly cooked dishes, so unlike the usual late night fast food stops. This place has about 4 parking spaces upfront, and a few on the side. Upon entering, the outdoor seats are the first you'd see. The al fresco dining area is often full with patrons with beers, watching sports TV, or smoking.

Another extra is they offer WiFi. The interiors attempt to transport you in some old New York train station, and sort of succeeds. From the little accents like overhead hand rails, the crossroad sign, or the ascending suitcases on the wall, Whistlestop offers a very old world yet relaxed atmosphere. And you can get it anytime of the day!

Some train station paintings help pull together the overall theme. The tables resemble some random newspaper articles. Each table gets its own tissue and accent plant.

It's tiled floor and ceiling. There's a flatscreen by the bar, and they offer various liquors and alcohol drinks as well.

When it's late and you're hungry and tired of fast food junk, just go straight to Whistlestop for a real meal. The food is delish, especially the Salpicao (the garlic tastes like potato, ha!).
The prices are very fair.

Beef Salpicao: Php250 (good for two)

Salpicao with rice: Php 230

Mango Shake: Php115+

Iced Tea: Php75

Whistlestop Menu from ClicktheCity
28 Jupiter St., Bel Air Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 896-1989

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