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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ozeano Fusion Restaurant

Ozeano Fusion Restaurant, Manila Ocean Park 

Ozeano Restaurant is now closed. The area is now occupied by Makan Makan Asian Village > click here to see the NEW Ocean Park restaurant <

This could very well be the flagship restaurant of the Manila Ocean Park. The exit to the Ocean Park is through Ozeano. It used to be smaller, with a more casual vibe. Recently, it's become more like a pricey foodcourt (because of its size).

The glass wall overlooking the Manila bay is the resto's selling point. They positioned the chairs in a way that there would be a sort-of corridor at the outer most side, near the glass wall, where people leaving the park could pass through.

They have buffet service (scheduled) and ala carte menu. The long buffet counter is shiny and elegant at night. The dark mosaic tiles glitter with the lights.

Several seating arrangements with different themes are laid out in the area. The light colored couch seats are paired with dark tables. On top are nautically inclined settings like the watch tower candle holder, salt and pepper shakers, fake flowers, utensils and mats.

Other seating areas have white cloth-covered long tables with matching folded napkins. Others have round tables with simple wood on wood tables and chairs. I imagine the bar is busy at night-time. Although I reckon Ozeano closes around 8pm. Last entry for Ocean Park guests is 6pm (last time I checked).

The oceanview is the conversation point for most diners. There many attendants in Ozeano. It's not unusual that they may not see you immediately if you need something or when you raise your hand, as the place is vast. But somebody will always come to you. They are polite and dutiful.

There are occasional flies. And large ones too. Be sure to guard your food. Nonetheless, it didn't damage the restaurant much. It's half given since the end and end doors of Ozeano lead to non-A/C, open areas, next to the sea.

Food is a little pricey, for what they serve. But instead, enjoy the view and stay a little longer. Some guests only come to eat at Ozeano's and skip the Ocean Park. Even if they did, they can still step into the Ocean Park area, just outside Ozeano. I'm not sure if there really were no guards at the door of Ozeano leading to Ocean Park, but at that time, there were none. Here you can amuse yourself with the 2nd floor Sharks' open tank and stare at Stingrays shallow tank for free! You can also find the Fish Spa section and Glass Bottom Boat entryway. But you cannot go downstairs to get a full tour of Ocean Park, as there's a guard checking tickets.

Ozeano's Menu

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup: Php150 (really good!)

Chicken Tenders: Php165

Seared Salmon Fillet: Php290

Blue Marlin Steak: Php270

Baked Fish Fillet: Php195

Ozeano Fusion Restaurant
2nd Level, Manila Ocean Park, Luneta

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