The Old Spaghetti House

The Old Spaghetti House
Visited branches: Cash & Carry, Rob Galleria, SM Manila, Rob Pioneer
Homey Italian may be used to describe The Old Spaghetti House. The fake red brick walls, medieval iron-back seats and old world charm certainly win patrons over. Their dishes are like comfort food, and very unlike other Italian restos which are bent on bringing authentic Roman cuisines and ambiance. TOSH just serves yummy pizzas and pastas.

Servers are generally polite, and the servings are not minuscule. It's very filling, with some side dishes and nachos even. The price is ok and won't break the bank much. Of course, 1 slice of pizza for almost Php100 is bit for most, but their pizzas don't have generic flavors and served totally fresh. Or just order the Philly Cheese Steak pizza to be 100% sure you get your money's worth. It's the best of the bunch!
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza: Php255

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza slice: Php95

Tandoori Pizza slice: Php90

Hawaiian Pizza slice: Php84

Pumpkin Soup: Php75

Grilled Chicken and Pesto Sandwich: Php125

Garden Salad: Php145 / Chicken Piccata with Spaghetti: Php145

Chicken Piccata with Garlic Spaghetti: Php145

Fish Fillet Amandine: Php155

Pesto Spaghetti: Php115 / Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet: Php155

Lunch meal (chicken + pasta): Php150 / BLT Sandwich

Margherita Pizza: Php185 (not in menu anymore)
Chocolate Truffle Pie: P90 / Penne Pesto: P115

The Old Spaghetti House Official Site and Menu

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