Thursday, January 28, 2016

Almon Marina

Almon Marina, Mall of Asia

I was very fond of the old Almon Marina in Robinson's Malate. It's long been renovated or moved, and now Almon Marina Mall of Asia branch has a fresh new look, more modern, with a subtle old barn touch.

The airy white walls, glass, and mirrors make for a flashy area. Guests are welcomed with their deli counter, with the condiments and desserts laid behind the glass. It's semi-self service, as orders are taken here.

The Mall of Asia branch is pretty tight, with a whole wall of mirrors decorated with white wooden slits.

The wait staff are attentive and pleasant. They serve really hearty food here. I especially like the combo meals of Half Sandwich and Soup. It's perfect for small eaters. Needless to say, each dish is delicious and filling. No fuss, all gracious servings all the way.

Almon Marina Menu > click on images to enlarge

Soup: Php85
 Reuben Salad: Php135
 1/4 Roasted Chicken: Php182
 Stuffed Porkchop: Php185

Sydney half-Sandwich with Soup
Potato Salad: Php52
New York half-Sandwich with Soup

Official Almon Marina Site and Menu

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