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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mang Inasal

Mang Inasal
visited branches: Mall of Asia, Megamall, SM Cyber 2, Jupiter Street, Makati Square

Like mushrooms after the rain, Mang Inasal franchises popped all over the metro in a really short time. And with good reason! It's very affordable, the chicken is tasty, offers unlimited rice, and the ice cream is only Php10!
With its catchy green and yellow colors, Mang Inasal's interiors are festive and welcomes everyone. Some branches can be brutal during lunch or dinner. People just come over by the dozen and really choose to wait, rather than settle for the restaurant next door.

Each table has their own condiments- soy sauce, vinegar, and fish sauce, which is very convenient. They also automatically provide some chili and calamansi, and a small bowl of soup for every order of chicken meal. Of course, rice is unlimited. The serving size of chicken is generous, compared to other chicken houses.

PM1 - Chicken leg with rice: Php95

Halo-halo w/ Sorbetes: Php45

SM1 - Chicken with rice: Php49

Mang Inasal is famous for their unlimited rice:

Sago't Gulaman:

3 mini scoops Pinoy Sorbetes (cone or cup): Php10

Saging Melt: Php39

Chicken BBQ / Pork BBQ

Grilled Chicken meal / Sinigang na Baboy

Official Mang Inasal Site and Menu

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