Harbor View Bistro

Harbor View Bistro, San Miguel by the Bay, MoA

Grab a parking spot along the San Miguel by the Bay strip and easily dine at Harbor View Bistro. It faces Manila Bay and has a clear view of the sunset. At night time, the musical band playing outside can be enjoyed at Harbor View's al fresco dining area.

Come lunch time or afternoon snack, Harbor View is still bright and much like a casual restaurant. As night descends, the lights become sparkly and dimmer, and the bistro feel kicks in.

The small bar is stocked but the dining area is quite huge, sort of divided into three. One side faces the bay, the back side faces the parking lot, and the outdoor area relies on natural breeze for circulation . Of course, the window seats are the first to be occupied. Food is ok. The servings are at par. Nothing special I could note of. It's a pleasant restaurant all in all.
Beef Broccoli: Php320

Baked Mussels: Php195

Pineapple Juice: P37 / Cheese Shake: P128

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