Saturday, June 5, 2010

Firelake Grill

Firelake Grill, Tagaytay

Positioned at the Cliffhouse ridge, Firelake Grill overlooks the majestic view of the Taal Volcano. Dine al fresco and skip the fake coolness of indoor aircon. Some manicured pine trees are part of the view, and they match the wenge seats and white tablecloths. Reservation is advised, although there are times that the place is almost empty, like the time we had dinner there. Nonetheless, book a spot and they will reserve a table with your name on it.
The waiters will quietly take your orders and be on stand by (like a couple of meters away) in case you need anything. The place is brightly lit inside, but outdoor diners will be treated to candle-lit tables at night, and strong sunrays come lunch time.

The Firelake Grill interiors are of soft hues of orange and shades of green, while adapting the same white tablecloths, but different set of chairs.

The Set Menu available that night is presented on each table. I'm not sure how often it changes. It goes for Php820 per person, 3-course meal of salad, main dish, and dessert:

Complimentary roll with butter

Grilled Norwegian salmon fillet: Php420
with butter-glazed vegetables, warm couscous salad and Dalandan butter sauce

US Angus Ribeye: Php890
with additional Grilled jumbo prawn: Php80

Malibu Rum-poached pineapple carpaccio: Php175
served with pink peppercorn, candied lime peel and home-made coconut ice cream

The Ribeye was good. It was cooked well done. The 220 grams we had was good for two, eventhough the waiters advised us it's only for one person. Must be American sized.
The fish was good as well, the sauce made it really tasty. I must say, the climax was the dessert. The carpaccio was delicious, and the brandy snap was awesome! I would definitely come back just for that. Hope the waiters won't shoo me away if I only order dessert.

Just off the Firelake Grill, within the Cliffhouse compound, is a garden with seating areas. It's spacious and people can definitely stroll along the overlooking ridge, while kids can run around and play. The toilet is a common area for Cliffhouse. One is between The Firelake Grill and the yogurt place I think. It's clean, bright, and complete.

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