Cafe Havana

Cafe Havana, Greenbelt

One of the relatively expensive, but great, restaurants is Cafe Havana. It obviously stood the test of time, having been around for a long while. It's part of the LJC roster of restaurants, which includes Abe, Fely J, Lorenzo's Way, Cafe Adriatico, Larry's Cafe & Bar, and Ang Bistro sa Remedios. LJC cardholders automatically get 10% off their meals in any of these restos, which, in Cafe Havana, would seem like you skipped the 10% service charge.
The interiors in the Cafe Havana Greenbelt branch are dim and the background music transforms the place into a Cuban salsa dance floor with a Bob Marley-induced concert session. Many foreigners hang by the place inside and out. Al fresco dining is an option, but with the heat, it's best to chill indoors.

Cafe Havana's bar is stocked. There's a flat screen tv by the bar, some allotted space on the side for some late-night music jam. The seats and tables disappear with the darker colors, as the lighting is focused on the jungle-themed bar and on the wall with framed images where the music booms.

Most Greenbelt restos have high ceilings, and it plays very nicely here. Be sure to stop by their toilet and check out your ass while you do your business with their 3-wall mirror and ceiling mirror. Awesome! The place is really tight though, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the infinite effect of the mirrors.

No doubt about it, the food is fantastic! Well worth the price. The drinks are experimental. The Cranberry Juice is little too sweet. But the fishes are amazing, from the side dishes down to the sauces. Still, I can only vouch for the dishes we ordered.

Watermelon Juice: Php90

Cranberry Juice: Php95

Baked Blue Marlin Patata: Php385

Tilapia con Alcaparas: Php430

Cafe Havana Menu from Clickthecity (might not be updated)

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