Bigby's, Mall of Asia (CLOSED)

Welcome to the land of the vikings! If Bigby's is not about the traveling vikings, I guess I got their theme wrong. There are world maps, photos of various country landmarks, some old world paraphernalia, and the traditional outdoor lighting fixtures. The interiors sum up a dark feel, with wenge walls and dark maroon chairs. The couches are comfortable, and the yellow block drop lights are bright and contrast the surroundings well. I must say the food is delicious! The servings are not scrimp at all.

The old world charm of the place is relaxing and quite reminds me of Euro-country feel. Surprisingly, the price is affordable as well. Bigby's truly deserves a visit, at least once while it's still in MoA. As we all know, restaurants in Mall of Asia come and go. Hopefully this one sticks.

Bigby's napkins are stamped with their 'stamp' logo:

Tuscan Fish Melt: Php255

Strawberry Mango Shake: Php89

Official Bigby's Site and Menu

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