Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tierra de Maria chapel, Tagaytay

Tierra de Maria chapel, Tagaytay:

Right next to Tagaytay Picnic Grove, there's a small brownish solid structure with low steel gates. Tierra de Maria is home to the 50-foot image of the Holy Virgin Mary. People start to line up during the afternoons. Try to drop by early morning and catch the serenity of the place. From what I know, it's free entrance.

A few steps from the road, bird cages on the left will greet guests. After the birds, paintings and framed posters of Jesus Christ, the Holy Family, and Mama Mary cover the stone walls, the gaps are filled with budding plants and orchids.

One bird in particular is probably a myna, which talks and greets visitors as they pass, depending on its mood. A Php5 fee for their maintained comfort room.

The beautiful wall garden of Tierra de Maria:

Inside the chapel, a very charming prayer room welcomes visitors. The walls are filled with religious statues, plants, paintings, and even a proof of authentication of a thorn branch, which came from the original shrub used as Jesus' crown of thorns. A very reflective music slowly swelled inside the chapel as we walked in.

Some donation boxes are available for those who want to help. The schedule of masses, events and other festives are listed on the bulletin board for public knowledge.

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