Tiananmen Bar

Tiananmen Bar, Makati Avenue

Tiananmen Bar is one of North Park's 'affiliate' restaurants. The menu is almost the same, except that Tiananmen has a long list of liquors, alcohol, shots, and whatnot. It's located on the 2nd floor of Next Door Noodles, another sister restaurant. If you arrive around dinner time, upon entering, it's virtually pitch black. There are small candles that will catch your eye here and there. The bar in the middle possesses the most colorful spot, and the most lights. There may be a disco light on rotation above the dance floor, depending on the day.

Patrons flock to the place and settle on plump cushions Japanese style. There are a couple of conventional table + seat affairs, but mostly the low tables are accompanied with a soft mat and 'Bacardi' labeled pillows.

It's dim light all throughout. Guests often turn to their cellphone flashlights to read the menu, but it's cool coz the place really is for relaxing, stretching your legs forward, and leaning on the pillows. Attendants are ok. They come when you call, and they wear black so you might miss them standing behind you already.

Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken: Php192

Macapuno Ice Cream: Php85

Pumpkin Soup: Php95 (placed in a hot pot container)

Tiananmen Bar Official Site and Menu

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