Spiral at Hotel Sofitel

Spiral Restaurant, Hotel Sofitel - Manila

Hotel Sofitel is the new Westin. Save for the name and some freshly decorated interiors, the structure is one and the same. The popular Spiral Restaurant, which was probably named after the spiral staircase, had garnered a lot of attention due to its extensive buffet spread. Contrary to what many people may think, most guests dining in Spiral are common folks. The intimidation meter is not high at all. Some servers were friendly, some were cold, but that's given. From the lobby, one can't help but be drawn to the 2-storey glass windows, overlooking the pool and sea outside. Looking down, the Spiral restaurant spreads throughout the whole ground floor of the area.

Tables were nicely presented. We were near the buffet table of used dishes. It's fine coz I had my back on it.

The rattan (looks like it) chairs were roomy and accompanied with plump pillows, perfect for relaxing.

Mango Cheesecake: Php370

Margherita Pizza: Php540

2 orders of Hot Tea (combined): Php80+ each

Spiral is wide and not all waiters can spot you once you need them. It took a few minutes for us to ask for tissues and some water. Yes they did not provide it initially. We really didn't mind anyway. We only tried their Ala Carte menu, which was probably why they positioned us near the back wall, miles away from the buffet spread. Other than some minor comments, the servers were courteous and delivered well.

Spiral Restaurant Ala Carte Menu as of May 2010

Spiral Restaurant extends outdoors. Al fresco dining is available with the same ambiance. Expect a very salty and humid atmosphere outside. The same salty-air is felt at the parking area. At night, it becomes more windy and the smell is not as strong.

The pool is just a few steps away. The garden is perfectly landscaped, with walkways made of stones.

At the area fronting the sea, there are 3 hookah stations. Scattered folding beds and pool beds populate the grounds. Coconut trees and manicured shrubs add a green visual, even at night.

Parking is free as long as it gets validated by the restaurant. If not, parking fee is Php65 for the first 3 hours.

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