Sonya's Garden, Tagaytay

Sonya's Garden, Tagaytay

From Tagaytay, Sonya's Garden is about 10km drive or more. Technically, it's not in Tagaytay anymore, but very much welcome to carry the Tagaytay flag. Following the directions from their website, a widely open gate reveals ample parking space for guests. I'm not sure how one can get to Sonya's by commuting, but maybe an occasional jeep or tricycle can cater to guests there.
From the parking, there is a desk person who can assist you to the restaurant or spa. Trees and flowers are abundant all around Sonya's.Guests are allowed to wander around the gardens, except for some exclusive areas for overnight patrons, and the Spa is accessible only to those getting a service.

The dining area uses natural light, filtered through layers of white cloth, transparent roofing with flowing water on top, to resist heat perhaps. Some antique articles are used as accessories. With a high ceiling, chandeliers are allowed to drop their glamorous charms. Real plants and trees are maintained inside the restaurant, while wall fans are stationed near each long table.

A simple white tablecloth is used for each table, wooden chairs, ad clean tiles make a contrasting background to the greenish cum white motif. Walls are covered with mirrors and capiz windows. Outdoor mist fans also give a breeze to guests.

The comfort rooms have its own receiving area. A chair and the picture window is relaxing if you keep looking to the window side. The other side is open to diners. Toilet for each gender is available.

The toilet continues with the same materials and Filipiniana trend, but uses designer sinks and commodes. Each stall has a bidet, trash can, toilet paper towels, and a chair (for a disabled companion maybe).

Sonya's popular set menu costs Php610 per person (all in). It includes unlimited Dalandan Juice:

Toppings for Salad:

Salad greens:

Special, homemade dressing:

Loaf of bread:

Spreads, toppings, pairings for bread:


Toppings, sauces for pasta:

Fish topping:

Dessert starts off with home-grown Tea:

Chocolate cake slice

Langka Turon

Sweet kamote:

From what I gather, everything is refillable/unlimited. You can ask for another loaf of bread, or another bowl of greens. I guess even the toppings can be refilled. And the tea of course.
When eating at Sonya's, they serve the bread basket first, Dalandan juice, salad, and their toppings. After they see you've finished your plate, they will replace or add the Pasta bowl and toppings.
I would say that everything is obviously fresh. Food tastes good, nothing is noticeably disappointing. I can assure that after the meal, guests will feel full. The dessert is perfect with the not-too-sweet chocolate cake, and savory kamote.

The entrance door to Sonya's restaurant is whimsical and unique.

Sonya's Gardens have some hidden alcoves and seating areas along the path.

It's refreshing to walk along the gardens and spot some of Sonya's amenities. The Panaderia, Spa, Country Store, and the Inn.

Sonya's Cottage Inn Bread & Breakfast sign:

The Country Store sells organic stuff like soaps, lotions, creams, oil, and some organic food. There are also souvenir items, usable, trinkets, accessories, etc.

Sonya's Garden Official Site and Menu

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