Seattle's Best Coffee

Seattle's Best
visited branches: MoA, Rockwell, Market!Market!

Always behind Starbucks in popularity, Seattle's Best had long been serving the Philippine shores. It offers the same amenities as other cafes such as free Wi-Fi, Set breakfast plates, newspapers/magazines on site, and unlimited spot hogging. I would say the Breakfast options are much cheaper than Coffee Bean's. They also serve pastas and salads.
Seattle's Best adopts the classic red-brown color scheme. In Rockwell, they depend on the mall's free Wi-Fi and only offers a spot to surf.Service is friendly and prompt.

Breakfast set (eggs, bread, bacon with butter & marmalade): Php180

White Chocolate Mocha: Php120

Hot Choco with extra whipped cream: Php130+ / Choco something hmmm...

Salmon and Cream Cheese sandwich

Regular Breakfast 2
Egg, Sauteed Corned Beef, Wheat Bread, Fruit Marmalade

Classic Mocha and White Chocolate Mocha
with extra Whipped Cream

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