Old Vine, The Piazza

Old Vine, The Piazza at McKinley Hill

The Piazza is still under construction, but patrons could barely fit their cars in the parking area on weekends and date nights. We had to wait about 5minutes for a car to check out before we were let in. After us, 4 more cars waited in line. Consisting with a range of casual to fine dining restaurants, to posh coffeeshops and fusion cuisines, the place is becoming one of the metro's new dining hot spots.
The Old Vine is in the central row, along with Kuse. Kuse's menu is also offered when you dine in Old Vine. They sort of share seats and menu, with dual interiors. The Old Vine has a Spanish cum Filipino flair. Bricks and dark tiles, wine shelves, wenge columns and beams, paired with yellow walls and a mosaic of colors in between. Staff are perfectly attentive, friendly, and accomodating. Their menu includes 12% VAT already, only the 10% service charge is added afterwards.

The high ceilings make up for the small dining space, which is divided into two areas. The inner area also receives guests, but can be reserved for an exclusive party, I assume.

A fitting green vine hugs the chandelier.

A slim corridor leads to the toilet. Separate doors for each gender. The other end of the corridor will take you to Kuse, which also shares the same toilet. Sometimes a line is formed outside the CR. There is another toilet for the whole Piazza, located near the Red Crabs Restaurant.

Calamansi Juice: Php50

Bottomless Iced Tea: Php80
Banana shake: Php115

Tessie Tomas Salad: Php 295 (single serving)

Petite Fillet Mignon: Php575 (sharing size)

Chef's Steak: Php575 (sharing size)

The fillet mignon is good, the Chef's steak is okay. The salad is great. Nothing much sensational but the service. But given the price you pay, it's probably part of it anyway.
We ordered 'well' done' for both steaks, but the latter came a little reddish still. We told our waiter about this and he was only too willing to take it back to kitchen and have it fixed for us. They even added sauce and arranged it like a new dish again. Nice service!

There's no sign that the parking ticket can be validated, but our waiter took our ticket and attached their own validation, so we didn't pay the parking fee!

Old Vine's Official Facebook page and Menu

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