Marciano's, Greenbelt 3

Marciano's, Greenbelt 3

One of the more classy exteriors at the Greenbelt 3 row is Marciano's. Upon entering, the distinct style and furnishing is reminiscent of old Hollywood. Red wall curtains serve as a separator for the seats on the right. The walls are covered with huge mirrors with black frames, and assorted photos that match the design. The ceiling has a dropped portion with mirror. The Victorian-styled seats are firm and comfortable.

The chandeliers add sophistication and cast an interesting color to its surroundings. The staff are very accommodating and courteous. Marciano's also have al fresco dining area, as most restaurants in Greenbel do.

Their menu has interesting names plucked from famous Hollywood shows based in New York, like Gossip Girl, Friends, Seinfeld, etc. The price is a little steep, but the very nice feeling while dining in such a characteristic place will probably be worth it. Food is okay. I just like to enjoy food and leave criticism at home, unless the taste is screaming of a good (or bad) writeup.
Bud Fox (Tenderloin strips with vegetables and mashed potato) : Php358

The tenderloin strips taste fine. But the decorative sauce surrounding it is amazing! I wish they gave me a soup of it. Or maybe it was so good because there was only a small serving of it. The veggies are tossed with olive oil and the mashed potato is perfect for the beef. 

Margheritta Pizza (8 slices): Php268

Cannoli (strawberry filling): Php158

I'm not sure if this version can be called a cannoli. I got very curious when I found out Marciano's is serving this, but it is an Italian-New York restaurant afterall.
Unfortunately, the pastry dough is similar to a croissant's crust. The filling is only ice cream, as opposed to the traditional mixed cream, cheese, and other random flavors. Of course the ice cream is good.
Quote from the Godfather, "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." But in Marciano's, leave it as well.

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