Horseshoe Bar & Saloon at El Kabayo, Clark Pampanga

Horseshoe Bar & Saloon at El Kabayo, Clark Pampanga:

Along Gil Puyat Avenue in Clarkfield, EL Kabayo will grab your attention with its strip of Western structure, complete with earth dust rising as the wind comes.

A number of establishments play out in the building like the Federal Bank, Telegraph Office, Antiques, Drugstore, Hotel, and the Horseshoe Bar & Saloon at the end. For sure the Saloon is real as it's a restaurant. I never got to check out the rest, but they're all suspected fakes, obviously, especially the Hotel. Still, it made for an amusing visit and completed the Cowboy-feel of the place.

There is also an entrance by the cowboy shop, and some outdoor tables and seats.

The ranch is vast and well-kept. A few horses roam near the fence.

El Kabayo offers riding lessons, carriage tours, horse board and lodging, and horseback riding.

The souvenir shop sells cowboy memorabilia and some Western paraphernalia. The real (and more secure) door hides behind the saloon door.

Inside, a slew of cowboy items serve as decors. There are horse saddles on display.

The bar doesn't fully embrace the Western theme. There are horses on the counter and all, but it's a tame take on typical cowboy saloons. Liquors are lined up the back counter. Comfy high chairs are paired with the bar.

A slick gun on display, its sling wrapped around a column log. The horse saddle in detail.

The interiors use some colored cut stones on the wall, and some horse photos and paintings. The tables are covered with checkered white and red cloths, paired with steel back chairs.

The toilet is bright, with a grilled window on the upper wall. It looks rustic, but they provide soaps and handwash. The sink is supposedly a large pail with rocks at the bottom. Nice effort to keep up with the theme.

There is a tissue dispenser and an old-style lamp.

Horseshoe Bar & Saloon Menu

The price is affordable. Lunchtime is not crowded at all. But come night-time, nearby workers and foreigners flock the place.

Chicken Pork Adobo with rice: Php150

Boneless Bangus with rice: Php125

Extra rice comes in a sheriff's badge shape.

Horseshoe Bar & Saloon
El Kabayo
Gil Puyat corner Panday Pira
Clark Freezone Port
Phone: 045-4990920

Official El Kabayo Site

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