Hooters, San Miguel By the Bay (Mall of Asia)

Hooters is franchised worldwide, and it finally landed here on Philippine shores. The locals are more than happy to embrace skimpy-shorts wearing ladies, with their tight white tank tops. The waitresses are Filipinas, by the way. Usually, half the number of guests who come here are foreigners. The flat screens are tuned in various Sports channels.

The interiors follow the Hooters design. Cherry wood walls, drop lights, friendly atmosphere. The bar is stocked with alcohol, liquors, beers. The other side of the restaurant faces the ocean, the other side faces the parking area. But anywhere you sit is okay.

The waitresses are friendly and pretty. They constantly check on you even if you don't call them, but not in a bothersome way. I didn't catch the time when they all line up front and do a dance number. But when they do, some guests pull out their videocams to record them.

Hooters, I think, is actually kid-friendly. Kids don't care anyway. The waitresses are nice and not too 'well-endowed' so to speak. So no one will feel uncomfortable, or stare endlessly. But of course, there are child-friendlier restos nearby. Hooters is perfect for buddies or a casual date.

Food is good. I can only recommend the ones I tried. The naked chicken and training burgers were tasty. Price is a little high, but it's expected.
Flappetizer- 5 naked chicken wings: Php350

4 Training Burgers: Php350

(mini burgers with fries)

Official Hooters Philippines Facebook Page

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