Good Earth

Good Earth, Greenbelt 3

We first got a taste of Good Earth at its seaside Mall of Asia branch, which was long gone now. Eventually we gad to detour to Greenbelt each time we miss their Fish Fillet and Bamboo Shoots.So far this is the best dish from this restaurant that I know of. The Icy Hot Banana is always a delight too. The Good Earth's interiors easily fit with the rows of casual dining stops in Greenbelt 3.

They apply mood lightings, glass top tables for more sparkle and reflection. There are fake-looking bamboo stilts on the wall, and even a glass floor with stones underneath for the elevated area at the right. I'm not sure if they covered it already though. In In Greenbelt 3, most restaurants with the same size don't have their own toilet, and this is the case for Good Earth. The public toilet is located next to Bubba Gump. Don't worry it's clean and well maintained. I think Good Earth serves a fusion mix of Chinese, Filipino and Oriental contemporary dishes.

Crab Claws in Garlic: Php610 / Sweet Pork with Pineapple

Hot Sour Soup / Siomai: Php85

Yang Chow Fried Rice / Icy Hot Banana

Fish Fillet with Bamboo Shoots: Php 395

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