El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco, Mall of Asia

Ell Pollo Loco is another local franchise of an imported restaurant. This Mexican hotspot is Spanish for "The Crazy Chicken". The interiors are friendly, with the red-yellow-blue Mexican hues. The walls are covered with strip mirrors, which make the large place even bigger. The place is bright and unassuming, perfect for families, groups, and even solo goers.

Their specialty is chicken. And it is juicy! Chicken is paired with their awesome salsa instead of gravy. Pick the hot salsa sauce, not the mild. Price is not too high. The rice serving is a little miniscule, but all in all, they serve a pretty healthy bunch.

Spaghetti / Potato Salad

2-pc Chicken Combo with rice, corn (side dish), tortilla: Php 160

Official Site of El Pollo Loco

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