Big Bucket Spa

Big Bucket Spa, Mall of Asia:

After a long walk, or getting lost in Mall of Asia, one can simply relax and get a massage at the Big Bucket.
For Php460, you can avail of their 50-minute Foot Massage and Reflex with Back massage. The place is tight. Upon entering, a very small area for their front desk is allocated. Here is where you can inquire about their rates, or if there are available slots inside.

Inside the massage area, the lights are dim, and supposedly serene, if not for the noise and sometimes really loud masseuses. The other end of the room, conceiled by a tall curtain, is where they all disappear to get towels, oil, ginger tea, or their buckets (hence, the name) to soak your feet into. You can hear every whine, wailing, and tiny shrieks happening behind the curtain.

The chair is comfortable. Nothing smells appalling. The massage is good, depending on the masseuse you get. Mine was a chubby tough lady who laughed each time her stretches hurt me. Other than that, she was very attentive and doesn't slack on her massage. Hopefully all other masseuses apply the same devotion while giving a reflex. Other often default on a single spot, or their hands lightly flutter as they lack focus.
Body massages are dry only and done in the same chairs. You can flip and lie on you stomach as they work on your back, arms and hands. They do not allow partitions or body massage with oil, as the management want an open area to avoid controversies. (as told by an attendant) All in all, I'm probably going to be a regular. Their ginger tea is good too.

Big Bucket Spa New Price Rate:

Big Bucket Spa: Authentic Chinese Style
Foot Massage and Reflexology
MoA branch contact #632-5560753
SM City Taytay branch contact #63-9151941617


  1. foot scrub naba yung soot massage?

  2. kasama nba sa foot massage yung foot scrub?

  3. No, it's only foot massage, more on reflex. Foot scrub is usually included sa Foot spa :)

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