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>> UPDATED Review: Viewpark Hotel Tagaytay 🏨  Across the road from Tagaytay Picnic Grove, a modest hotel with striking red touches and off-beige paint offers a stylish retreat. Viewpark Hotel started small, but improvements are fast in motion for additional rooms at the back. A few but strategically positioned plants and trees give an overall emphasis to the hotel's facade.It's almost a boutique hotel, without the branded personalized perks.

About 3 parking slots up front, and 3-4 more at the back. The Red Lemon Grill and Adam's Cafe close quite early around 9PM, but hey this isn't Manila so I guess that's ok. A courtyard set-up behind the front building is where the clusters of rooms (plus additional more in construction), and extra parking space are located.

The open space is quite refreshing, with the cool winds of Tagaytay. There is a gate beside the hotel which leads to this area, although it's seldom closed, as guests with cars come and go at any time. It is safe anyway. The roaming guards are on it, even after midnight. Other attendants are also available at the concierge at all times.

The lobby/concierge area has a small seating area facing the aquarium. For no Wi-Fi rooms, there is free Wi-Fi in the lobby and the restaurant.

The outdoor corridor ends with the stairs leading to the rooms. There are also rooms within the front building which has free Wi-Fi.

The Red Lemon Grill Restaurant is cozy and bright. With a few seats reserved for overnight guests, and perhaps some walk-ins, it offers delicious food to patrons. Everything is simple and clean. No tv or newspapers in the resto, there is radio sometimes, a packed wine bar. The attendants were very accommodating indeed.They always offer a smile and politely take to your needs.

At night-time, dinner is served with soft lights. The red cushioned accent walls stand out more against the white walls and dark wood.

The cheapest room they offer costs Php1800 for 2 pax, with set breakfast. Additional Php800 for extra person, with breakfast:

The tiny room is equipped with tv, aircon, closet, bathroom. The phone line is directed to the concierge only. When you pick it up, it automatically calls the front desk. Great 911 service.

The bathroom is adequate. The heater works, but there is no bidet, nor pail or dipper (tabo). Guests can be creative on how to deal with #2.

Some complimentary hygienic items

Viewpark Hotel MENU:
Usually, concierge will ask for your preferred breakfast for the next day, and the time you will come down to eat it. They like things to be proper and prepared when guests arrive. If you cannot decide the time you will have breakfast, they'll request for you to call at least 30minutes before coming to the restaurant so they can prepare it ahead for you. 
The complimentary breakfast is a choice between the Continental, American, and Filipino plates only:

Filipino Breakfast: (Tocino, Corned Beef with Complimentary fruit - usually pineapple slices)

Filipino Breakfast (Daing na Bangus) / American Breakfast (bacon)

from A la Carte Menu: Adobong Kangkong: Php80

Chicken and Pork Adobo (really good!) / Cream of Pumpkin: Php120

Tuna Sandwich: Php120 / Chicken Sandwich: Php120

Fresh Buko Juice: Php45 / Hot Tea Pot: Php85

I must say, they really like their heart-shaped noodle strings. It's edible and adds a nice decorative touch to each dish.

Viewpark Hotel RATES:

* For a weekend getaway that won't break the bank, Viewpark Hotel is highly recommended! It's not just a pub with accommodation, or a pension house. It's a bed and breakfast slowly transitioning into a boutique hotel gem. Every bare necessities are covered and provided for.

Official Viewpark Hotel Tagaytay Site

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