Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coralview Beach Resort Bataan

A couple of hours driving from Manila will lead you straight to Coralview Resort. Take the NLEX, SCTEX, enter SBMA and exit through Morong Gate. A few more kilometers and the stretch of beach resorts will be on sight. The resort has ample parking space with roof, which is great. The accomodations are the low-level structures which are scattered all over the area. The sand is long and a bit plump, not superfine.

The resort is cleanly maintained. They have bonfires at night to the guests' request.

Coconut trees and other small shrubs offer coolness to daytime summer heat

Open shower areas are positioned randomly near the beach and the pool. Cabanas are for rent, but only if guests will stay overnight or dine / have videoke. Other times, resort guests can relax in the sheds for free.

There are 2 pools in the resort. One is near the restaurant, the other fronts a row of rooms:

The resort has many attendants and staff. They are all friendly, well mannered, and ready to assist.

For beach activities, there are the wall climbing block, volleyball net, monkey bars, and others.

The beach is clean and bounded by a wall, separating the other resorts' beaches.

Few boats are parked at the coast, and boatmen offer a ride to Turtle Island. It would cost Php120 per person 2-way. The island is a few minutes away from the resort, but with white and finer sand.

The Coralview resort ground is large and it's not intimidating to roam around and take a stroll.

Seating areas with umbrella beaches are openly available to guests at any time, until the chairs are kept away at night.

CORALVIEW BEACH RESORT Room and Restaurant Menu

The rooms have a picture windows. Interiors are kept simple and bright with white paint. The standard room costs Php1550 for 3-pax without breakfast. Third person gets to sleep on the floor, but wit a queen-sized mattress so it's not so bad. There is television (not cable), aircondition and an optional fan.

Bathroom is small but effective. No bidet, but there's a dipper (tabo) provided instead. Heater in the shower, and good water supply.



The restaurant is al fresco and has a nice view of the pool and ocean. Serving time takes quite a while so make an order before you even get hungry. Food taste is okay. There are occasional flies or mosquitoes in the restaurant but that's given because of the open plan.




Shakes (really good):


Going to Coralview Beach Resort is not a problem. After Morong Exit from SBMA, there are Coralview signs on trees and posts every few kilometers.

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