Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

Along the Tagaytay main road, just pass the Mendez crossing, a small wooden establishment offers limited parking space lined with trees. One might miss the opening for the stairs going down the al fresco dining area.

The temperature easily drops as plants, trees and the sound of birds fill the place. There are also therapeutic water fountains around:

Guests can dine under umbrellas, on wooden tables and benches:

There are few cabanas with U-shaped seats:

Another seating under hanging plants. The design is rustic and native:

A larger section of the restaurant (with roofing) for gatherings:

There are occasional flies or mosquitoes when eating outdoors, but staff will put a candle on the table to ward them off. Servers are friendly, prompt, and approachable. Indoor dining area:

The sound of birds is relaxing, especially the talking myna, which is quite amusing:

Bag of Beans gets crowded from afternoon (snacks) onwards. Lunchtime is great as there are few people, and the heat becomes breeze.
Comfort Rooms are clean. Male and Female allocated. Children's CR is Out of Order:

Clean bathroom:

Bag of Beans Menu:

FOOD is ok. You really are paying for the surroundings and relaxing venue. Their specialties are pies.
Pumpkin Soup: Php110

Steak & Mushroom Pie: Php105

Tanigue Steak: Php280

Blue Marlin: Php295

CLICK here for the official website of Bag of Beans

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