Xevera Mabalacat

Upon entry to Xevera, the Theme Park is on the left side. Rides like Anchor's Away, Carousel, and others are permanently part of the 'community subdivision':

Xevera grounds

Retails stalls / Stores / Mini-mall:

Free education for children residents as sponsored by ABS-CBN Foundation. There's a Catholic Church as well, right in the middle, across the rotunda:

Behind the establishments are gates toward the houses. The Municipal of Mabalacat is also located inside the subdivision:

Wet and Dry Market (palesngke), and airconditioned Supermarket are also within the grounds:

Sample houses of Xevera. Front extensions are not allowed, as well as vertical expansions (3rd floor), as stated by an agent we spoke with. The back area (open laundry/ dirty kitchen) can be improved. A furnished bedroom as part of the house tour:

Another view of one of the rooms. The ceilings are a bit low, and aircon is definitely a must or it will be scorching. There are 2 bedrooms per standard unit, which have pretty limited space. Just enough for a single/double bed and a small closet.

The much bigger unit with same floor plan/design:

Sample bedrooms:

Sample arrangement for dining/living area. The bathroom is quaint but adequate:

CLICK here for the official website of XEVERA Mabalacat

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