Dawal Beach Resort Zambales

Dawal Beach Resort is located in Candelaria, Zambales, facing Potipot Island, which is around 5 minutes by boat. From the provincial road, a small cemented road is paved especially for Dawal (end of road) and another resort (right side). Upon entry, a wide area is available for parking.
The receing area is open with few seats. Staff is friendly and prompt. The lobby sells some souvenir items, swimming shorts, slippers, and pastillas.
The resort caters to guests going to Potipot Island.
The resort is littered with trees. A stand alone room with native materials is complete with modern amenities inside:
Dormitory rooms for groups. It can accomodate more than 15 persons. There are standard rooms which are spacious, complete with bathroom, tv, seating area, closet:
Open entertainment areas near the beach with billiard tables:
There's a long white fence separating the public beach from the resort:
Cultured grass with landscaped grounds. Covered open seating areas with table for al fresco dining, available for grilling food, karaoke.
A separate 'house' can accomodate a family. The facilities are that of a home, with living, dining areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, own veranda and beach access.
Newly cleared area for future developments:

An archway beside the restaurant leads to the pool:
The pool has 2 slides, and 2 levels for adult / children
At night, the pool is bright and well-lit:

The sand is fine, and Potipot island is vividly near:
Some local boats are parked onshore, but the beach is clean and quiet nonetheless:


The standard room costs Php1550 for triple pax overnight.
The bedsheets are clean, the aircon is okay. There is a slim closet beside the vanity mirror:
Seating area with table beside the television:
Fully-tiled bathroom with heater (hot water), no bidet. There's a pail and 'tabo' in the shower area. One roll of toilet paper is included, and no towels. But if you ask for towels and toilet rolls in the concierge, they will give the toilet paper rolls for free.

The dining area is huge and open. There is tv on the side. An extended dining portion outside with videoke facilities is available for groups, or maybe any guest who would like to sing.
The other end of the dining area is facing the pool. There is an extensive selection of alcohol in the bar area:
Drinks, liquors, alcohol can be mixed by attendant:
At night, the restaurant is well-lit and the temperature cool:
Mind that there are a lot of huge flies during breakfast. Although the area is clean and odorless, flies are there anyway. Maybe it is unavoidable as it is open dining restaurant:
On tissues, on the chair
On the straw, on menu stand:



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