CW Lifestyle Bistro

CW Lifestyle Bistro, Mall of Asia

This cafe is located at One E-Com building across Mall of Asia Hypermarket. CW Lifestyle Bistro / Conlins Cafe is a Wi-Fi zone with free Wi-Fi access during Weekends, and requires a minimum of Php200 for unlimited Wi-Fi on weekdays. It has a high ceiling and ample lightings. The staff is attentive, and food serving time is short. Food prices are quite affordable and the taste actually delivers. It's an excellent, quiet cafe. It closes around 12midnight or a bit later.

Blueberry Cheesecake (late night 50% discount): Php45

Mocha Caramel: Php120 / Guava Juice: Php70

Chicken Parmigiana: Php150

Fish dish.. forgot the name.. It's very good, with almonds, and creamy sauce..

Pumpkin Soup: Php60

Really good.. and low priced too with pesto garlic toasts..

CW Lifestyle Cafe
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