Thursday, December 24, 2015

UCC Cafe

UCC Cafe is a nice, cozy place. Food is a little pricey. It has free Wi-Fi access with no minimum purchase fee. The interiors are a mix of orange, beige, and brown, everything bathing in soft lights.
The tables are solid with laminated tops. You can spot a lot of Taiwanese, Japs or Chinese guests in UCC. Even if it gets a bit crowded, the cafe is roomy and you can stay as long as you want. They have buttons on each tables that guests can push if they need an attendant.
UCC Cafe doesn't end with coffee or teas, they serve pasta, pizzas, rice meals, salads, ice cream, and cakes. The taste will be worth the price, especially the Blueberry Cheesecake- one of the best!
Panoramic View of UCC Cafe
  Clubhouse Sandwich: Php320
Cafe Mocha: Php170
Filipino Breakfast Boneless Bangus: Php320
 Signature Cocoa: Php140
Calamansi Juice: Php180
Chicken Adobo Pandesal: Php259
Adobo Pizza: Php235
Lemon Iced Tea: Php130

Greenhouse Salad: Php270
Katu Sando Sandwich: Php320
 Cafe Latte Sugar-free Ice Cream: Php99
Blueberry Cheesecake: Php99
 Chicken Katsu Sandwich: Php320
 Hokkaido French Toast: Php240
 White Chocolate Mocha: Php190

  • Some items are not available anymore due to Menu upgrades. Still, there's enough choices for everyone. UCC's dishes have good savory levels, and mainly due to sauces, spices, or butter.  
  • WiFi is provided, you can lug your laptop and stay a while. It is a cafe afterall.
Mall of Asia
Tel: (02) 5560175

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