KKK, Robinson's

Patriotic meals are served up in KKK. Whatever it stands for, KKK seems to adopt to the "Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangan, Katipunan" theme. With red, yellow, blue ribbons sashaying over the ceiling, it completes the Filipiniana feel, along with some native lanterns and locally produced wall materials.

Servers were attentive, but unfortunately during our visit, 4 of the dishes we ordered were not available. Perhaps it was only tbecause of the busy season. Anyway, food served were flavorful and came in large quantities. This joint does not have its own toilet, but the mall comfort room is literally just around the corner.
click for Panoramic view of KKK:

Pla-Pla sa Asin: Php 235

Sinangag sa Tinapa at Itlog na Maalat: Php145
Garlic Pusit: Php235

Pritong Hito with Mango Salad: Php280 / *Mango Salad

Garlic Pusit: Php235 / Sinigang Bangus Belly: Php280

3/F Midtown Wing, Robinson Place Manila
Tel: (02) 567-2186

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