Botong's Up

Botong's Up, A.Venue Mall

Botong's Up, a Filipino fusion hole-in-the-wall, is one of the thriving (and surviving) restaurants in A.Venue Mall. Across the road from Great Eastern Hotel, A.Venue Mall is still relatively new, but had been a venue to numerous events already. Every stall is rented by a restaurant, while some which closed down are temporarily replaced with some ukay-ukay stores.

The tall celings (loft-tall) compliments the huge door, with a wooden wave decorated middle. Most patrons eat outside, as they usually smoke cigs, in addition inhaling cars' fumes along Makati Ave.

The interiors are simple and a bit dark. It's like an unfinished art resto with limited materials. The upstairs is available for diners as well. A long black couch on one wall is paired with about 3 tables and 2 chairs each.

The place is small, so waiters are nearby at all times. Even when they are inside the kitchen, a small window allows you to make gestures to them when you need something.

Sago't Gulaman: Php55

Caldereta Baka: Php330

Tanigue Steak: Php270

Pineapple-based Adobong Pusit / Fried Fish with mango salsa

Botong's Up serves Filipino dishes with some awesome twists. Food flavours are distinct and unique, especially the ones with sauces. I would say that their food is worth the price you pay.

Botong's Up
Ground Floor A. Venue Mall
Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati
Tel: (02)756-0346

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