La Carmela de Boracay

La Carmela de Boracay Hotel features a water pool slide (which was Closed during our stay), beach front location, free buffet breakfast for two, adult and children pools, 24-hr room service. 

The hotel restaurant is small but enough seating are available on the 2nd floor of the cafe, and outdoors near the pool (with umbrellas).
The computer room offers internet rentals for P25/hr. During our stay, internet was sadly ultra slow. There are about 5 PCs available. Next pic is the hotel lobby seating areas:
The La Carmela lobby has the concierge, two seating areas, a television, cascading water on the wall, front and side entry for drenched guests.
The long and narrow corridors which rendered various comments of the hotel looking like a dormitory, motel, or bliss. On the bright side, there are seating areas located in some nooks and public spaces of the hotel.
Hotel stairs and corridors. There are elevators but were 'out of order' during our stay there.
Left and right side walls of the hotel property. Less than 5 rooms have verandas facing the beach. All rooms face either a blank wall, or the Executive Wing (which is better view, I think). It's not so bad really.
The Executive Wing has its own pool, lobby area, public bathroom, and entrance, but it is inter-connected with the old wing that faces the beach.
The Executive Wing lobby area and new rooms
The old wing and the new Executive Wing / Hotel side alley way
For the hotel's low price, it's definitely one of the 'good-value find' hotels with beachfront location and full service facilities.

Hotel: La Carmela de Boracay
Location: Boat Station 2, White Beach, Boracay Island
Twin Room cost: Php3000/room with breakfast for 2

1. Upon entering, there was a slight smell of air freshner of some sort, like a fresh laundry scent. The attendant turned on the aircon, fridge, and TV for us.
2. Room service takes 15-30 minutes to arrive depending on the order.
3. Buffet breakfast often includes 3 viands, plain and fried rice, scrambled eggs, sunny side ups, 1-type of cereal/milk, bread/butter, 1-type of juice, 1-type of fruit, simple salad bar. Variety is not a lot but good enough to satisfy.
4. Hotel transfers (to/from airport) leaves every hour, there are no 30-min intervals.
5. There is P1000 deposit (in case the guests ruin something). I'm not sure if the deposit is consumable. All room service orders must be paid in cash. Be sure to ask for receipts for the deposit and hotel transfers.

Twin Room Facilities:
TV, mini-fridge, seating areas, aircon, phone, clothes rack, bathroom:
There are tea/coffee making facilities with coffee, sugar, cream sachets, tea bags. There's a thermos and emergency light (which we got to use for a few minutes of brown-out). Cups, glasses and water container for the guests to refill themselves. There are hot/cold distilled water dispensers available on each floor.
Safety box / Veranda with seating area. It is usually used as hanging area by guests as it's hot from the aircon exhaust. We are fortunate enough to face the Executive Wing so there's more air, compared to the rooms on the other side of the hotel which face a flat wall.
Bathroom has fluctuating hot water. Use best when consistent at night or dawn. The changing of hot to cold water is gradual and will not instantly burn or shock you. 3 bath towels are offered.
There is a bidet, toilet with flush, 2 soaps, shampoo bottle, and a roll of toilet paper.

Front menu
Back menu
Food tastes Ok, serving is enough and decent. Service crew are polite and friendly.

CLICK here for the Official La Carmela de Boracay website

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  1. Ganda ng place parang condominium. Pero parang masyado maliit ata ung space.


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