Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Angeles, Pampanga

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Location: Clarkfield, Pampanga
Entrance Fee: Php100 per day
Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is celebrated annually and often runs for 4 consecutive days. Parking fee is Php20. Parking area is wide and rough road. Traffic kicks in after each balloon take-off or landing, it will take no less than half an hour to get out of carpark.

There is a fence to separate the general audience (who only paid Php100), and those who paid more (don't know how much) to get near the balloons. The guards mentioned that parties who have access near the balloons have reservations months or weeks before the event. Most of them are photographers, celebs or feeling-celebs, camera clubs, and the like. These parties are given special IDs to get past the general area chicken wire. There are about 20 or more portable toilets for guests.

There are booths selling food, souvenirs, services, real estate, education, and more:

Colorful balloons in exciting shapes and sizes:

The elephant has risen:

Checkered / Coffee mug with paraglider

The balloons are larger than life in person. It's a very satisfying event as always.

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