Science Discovery Center, Mall of Asia

Sunday, March 16, 2008
Location: SM Mall of Asia
Entrance Fee: P400

SDC Maps:

Planetarium circumference:

Transportation Nation:


Media City:



1. Upon entering, it's a total eye candy, with blinding galactic lights in cool ultra neon shades. Sadly, it all ends there
2. I would recommend a visit to SDC just for the fact that it is something new and unique, but won't guarantee enjoyment
3. Personally, some areas are NOT really fascinating:
City Science- tan block replicas of world's tallest buildings

Earthquake Simulator - Guests can step inside a ramp and experience earthquake effects. The lame part is the kinda annoying girl on tv.

Flight Simulator - Trying to fly a plane, the controls seem to be displays only. The stick (shift) use to control the lift-off and touch-down does not obey.

Grossology - Interesting enough, with a huge mascot of a nose showing you what happens with acid and burping.

Image Port - Guests can stand in front of a blue screen, and pick any background for their photo...

Virtual Reef- Enter one end, see a man-made reef and fake corals with built-in tv monitors showing creatures of the deep, exit the other end..

Life Clock - Probably the lamest. Users get to email themselves today and receive it in 2010, or something like that..

4. Good parts: the Planetarium, and the show itself is informative. The robots are cool, hopefully there would be more robots.
5. Summary: Its futuristic style will make it bearable. I guess I find foreign airports more fascinating (and useful) than SDC, but that's just moi.

CLICK here for the Official Science Discovery Center website

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