Polaris Beach Resort, Pagudpud

Lobby / Dining Area
The receiving area is very relaxed. A very open and breezy dining area with assorted plastic chairs and narra seats mixed with wooden tables. With a TV and Karaoke machine, the counter sells souvenirs like magnets, keychains, caps, t-shirts, mineral water, juice, etc:

Hotel interiors
The hotel has diverse designs on each floor. Mostly native, the second floor's newly opened area has uniformed doors. The 3rd floor is native in a dark wenge theme, with an attic effect. The hotel offers double rooms up to rooms for 8persons. The second floor has its own lounge area:

Hotel rooms
Rooms are airconditioned with private toilet and bath:

Shower (no hot water / no bidet), commode (with flush) and strong water supply:

Stairs / Corridors
The hotel is safe and guests commonly hang their wet towels on the ledge outside their rooms:

Views from the Hotel
The hotel is facing the beach (which is steps aways from Saud Beach). A few small walks on the sand will lead you straight to the shores, where local fishermen's boats align. The sunset is beautiful and you can catch it everyday, while resting on a hammock in front of the property. Note that there is only one hammock.

The hotel grounds and surroundings

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a complete list of price rates per room. I reckon there is a room for P1000 per night, which is fairly priced given the nice location. To contact Hotel Polaris Resort look for Ms. Me-an #09193078803.

1. Staff is approachable and friendly, but you need to speak up if you want something, coz everything is not 100% available on spot
2. Hotel is clean and well maintained
3. Food is good and clean, a 3-in-1 coffee sachet will cost P15
4. They offer comlimentary towels per person in each room, but mind that these are not bath towels, but merely half the size. It is best to bring your own
5. No complimentary soap, shampoos, water or TV in each room
6. Rooms are airconditioned
7. Bed sheets are not as luxurious, thick or fluffy as a popular hotel offers
8. While we were resting, a room attendant accidentally opened our door 'by mistake'
9. There is one bathroom (toilet & shower) for each gender at the ground floor, for those swimming by the beach
10. A very relaxed hotel with seemingly fast improvements

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