Leslie's Restaurant, Tagaytay

Location is perfect with a ridge overlooking the famous Taal Volcano

Seating areas are creative, from private huts to the main restaurant

View from the main restaurant grounds
(notice the strip of huts on the left)

Beach-like huts but minimal view (or none at all) of the Taal Volcano

Main restaurant seating area

A very creative washroom! A pump acts as a water faucet, with an ethnic designed plate with drain as wash bowl. The controls are beside the basin.

1. Leslie's can get really crowded on weekends starting Friday nights.
2. Great climate and great view
3. Food is native and tastes good, but not a lot of choices (my own opinion). You can check for yourself their offerings and food prices
4. Parking is not bad, when not crowded. There's a big parking space all over the front lot
5. The washroom is clean, with toilet paper inside the commode stalls
6. Interesting array of seating areas. The 2nd floor can also be accessed by a bridge aside from the stairs; And a small underground passage connecting to a private hut very near the ridge.

Chopsuey: P175 and Toasted Bread & Butter: P60 /
Grilled Tuna Belly

Beef Steak /
Ampalaya Con Carne


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