B&S Eco Cube Shinsaibashi

by Friday, October 05, 2018
B&S Eco Cube Shinsaibashi is a capsule hotel in Osaka, Japan. Located at a smaller road in the middle of the city, few meters away from Dotonbori, and Namba MRT Station. It's a no-fuss, organized, functional hotel. Upon entry, register to check-in, you'll then get a key for your shoe locker. Wear socks or barefoot, it's all clean. 
Entry to the capsule hotel was at the lower level of the building. 
 Reception staff were very friendly. They confirmed my reservation and asked me to pick which noodle I like. It was complimentary for guests. I randomly pointed to the one in the middle and they handed me this huge cup of spicy noodle!
 House Rules and Regulations
Shoe lockers 
Rental lockers at common room. 
  The common room had several chairs facing the wall, and one round table in the middle. All guests can stay here to eat or chill.
 At this floor, there's TV, a vending machine, microwave, thermos (for hot water), lockers for rent (for small/big luggages), and toilet for male and female.
 Common Room at the Female Level before entry to the capsule beds. The wall mirror served as vanity for guests. There were chairs, hair dryers, toiletries for sale.
 Female Capsule Room Rules
 Comfort Room lavatories
Two toilet stalls. You have to wear the designated slippers here only. Everyone shares them, so preferably wear socks at all times.
Another door leads to the beds, personal lockers, and 4 shower rooms.
 Inside the lockers were complimentary toiletries, towel, bathrobe.
 Shower rooms
 Lotion, facial wash for sale.
 Capsule beds
 I noticed they've placed most guests next to each other. So half the room was empty, and we can hear each other coughing, or moving.
 Capsule - Female Only Room: Php1036 without Breakfast
 Television, 1 USB port, light control, pillows, comforter, small face mirror (on the wall), pull-down for privacy.
Pull-down curtain.

  • Really cool experience. I had to plan ahead the whole time because I was travelling alone, and focus on not forgetting anything, nor unnecessarily bring items I don't need.
  • Inside the cubby was roomy enough. There was WiFi, so I never really used the TV. 
  • I only met one fellow guest at the lavatory room, and we just nodded upon seeing each other. Everyone was polite and quiet. I liked it.
  • There was a Family Mart nearby. The hotel was at a central tourist location, so there were a lot of restaurants outside the hotel with varying price ranges. 
  • And yes, you have to check-out by 10AM then check-in again by 5PM if you're staying several days.

B&S Eco Cube Shinsaibashi
Capsule Hotel
542-0086 Osaka Prefecture
Osaka, Chuo Ward,
Tel: +81 6-6212-5110

Tomorrow Hotel

by Tuesday, October 02, 2018
 Tomorrow Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan is a full-on, complete hotel, located at the centre of Ximending. Ximending is Taipei's Shibuya, and it looks similar too. The place itself is a tourist destination, with an extensive Night Market steps away from the hotel. Breakfast was inclusive during our stay. Staff were nice and friendly. Although, I'm not sure whether they have parking space. The hotel has 3 entrances, one leading to the main road, the other to a side alley (with shops), the other was just across the Ximending MRT. Very convenient.
 Lobby reception. It was quite spacious, perhaps because there were no couches or sofa. There were plastic chairs you can pull up if you need to sit.
7-11 store located at the hotel's lobby. They offer a lot of hot meals, desserts, and even souvenir items. Again, really convenient. 
 Hotel elevators. This entrance leads to a main road.
 Twin Room: Php2886 per night with Breakfast (Agoda)
Standard Double Room: Php2530 per night with Breakfast (Agoda)
We booked 2 rooms. For my folks, and for me and my cousin. The Twin Room was actually better, bigger, and bit pricier. But the extra space was worth it.
 Twin Room bathroom with water heater.
Standard Double Room bathroom with bathtub, hot shower. 
 All rooms have TV, hair dryer.
 Daily complimentary bottled water, thermos
 Breakfast hotel restaurant. My only issue with this was that it's located at the basement, and there's no elevator. Elderly people had a hard time going up and down the stairs every morning. It's huge, bright, and the buffet spread was pretty extensive. I didn't mind if most food were same each day. There's a huge selection spanning 3 walls of food.
 Fruits, salads, porridge, rice
Cereals, juices, coffee, teas
 Dimsum, fried dishes
 Meats, breads
 Side dishes
 Others were commenting about the Tip reminders. Up to you if you want. 
There were also tip boxes inside the rooms.

  • I love this hotel. It was perfect for all my needs, especially the breakfast buffet. 
  • The room we got was clean, new, and just enjoyable.
  • Location was efficient, of course, as it has the 7-11 inside the hotel, next to H&M, Watsons, Cosmed, not to mention the Ximending MRT Station across the road.
  • The Ximending Night Market starts literally as you step out of the hotel. There were food stalls, restaurants, and specialty shops everywhere.
  • Definitely recommended.

No. 23, Chengdu Road, 
Wanhua District, 
Taipei City, Taiwan 108
Tel: +886 2 2375 5500

Leyte Dive Resort

by Saturday, September 29, 2018
 Leyte Dive Resort in Candatag, Southern Leyte is a tropical, beachfront accommodation with limited rooms, dive packages, and an in-house restaurant. It was peaceful and quiet, staff were available early morning to serve your breakfast of choice. They would normally inform you that they'd be turning in around 7-8PM (or earlier) so you can make dinner orders if you want to. Pre-arranged airport or port transport pick-up is available, just get in touch with your travel details.
 Breathtaking view each day. The beach was clean, with small rocks, less seaweeds. We swam here under the shade of nearby trees. Really nice.
 Bungalows with verandas. There were several cats in the compound. Harmless, but watch out for their poops in the gardens, or on the stairs lol.
 Deluxe Room: Php1440 per night with Breakfast (Agoda)
 En suite bathroom with sink, and water heater. No bidet. There's a TV in the room, closet, vanity.
 The water heater was the older model. You have to let it run before it warms up, but when it does, it could be scalding within 2 minutes. Turn it off and on, then it would be cold again. Water pressure was good.
 Resort's restaurant has the same amazing view overlooking the ocean.
 There's a fully stocked bar, which was also the resort's sort-of reception area.
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
 Leyte Dive Resort Menu
American Breakfast: Php220 
 Continental Breakfast: Php180
Chicken or Pork Adobo: Php280

Candatag, Malitbog
Southern Leyte 6603
Tel: (053) 589 0496
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