Wangfu Chinese Cafe

Sunday, July 23, 2017
I like Wangfu. They serve good Chinese food minus the extra layer of cooking oil. Their dishes are fresh, clean, and subtly combines traditional with modern touches. Interiors have the same crisp, and clean look, not a lot of reds or dragons, but accented blacks with neutrals. 
We visited Wangfu in Serendra, and one in Marquee Mall, Angeles.
Because their restaurants are usually large, you won't have problems with staff hovering over you. Usually they stay by the order counter.
Wangfu's Marquee Mall branch was just as nice. Taste-wise, no issues whatsoever. I do recommend the General Tso Chicken. Everything else was wonderful as well.
Hot and Sour Soup (regular): Php258
Jasmine Tea (per pot): Php78 
Lychee Freeze: Php108
General Tso Chicken: Php298
Calamansi Juice (hot): Php78
Hakaw: Php158
Tausi Fish Fillet: Php228
WangFu Signature Fried Chicken 1/4: Php258

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Serendra, BGC
Tel: 02 625-2805
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Friday, July 21, 2017
Basil is one of the new restaurants at Mall of Asia's North Wing. There was a long wait for guests during our visit because it was a weekend. Still, we easily scored a table because there were only 2 of us. I noticed, though, that they gave priority to large groups. Staff would take time preparing and cleaning the long tables, attending to a large group of waiting guests and taking their orders, somehow forgetting some of us already seated. Nobody gave us a menu nor took our orders until I went to the counter and talked to the staff.
We reckon it was probably because there were limited staff, or they haven't been trained properly yet.
Overall, servers just won't mind you if you don't demand it. Or unless there's 12 of you at the table, then you get their attention for sure. Good thing their dishes made up for all the shortcomings. All our orders were bursting with rich flavours, capturing bold Asian tastes in each plate.
Plus points for having their own toilet.
Basil Menu
Basil Menu
Basil Menu
Fresh Spring Roll: Php260
Grilled Pork Ribs with Honey: Php295

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G/F North Wing, Mall of Asia
Tel: 02 810-0973
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Cafe Belmont

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Cafe Belmont is Belmont Hotel's flagship restaurant, where the breakfast buffet is set up. Green and deep mocha chairs are paired per table. It was almost empty during our visit, save for 4 other patrons occupying 2 other tables. Interiors were standard hotel finish, but lacking some warmth in some blank walls since it has no natural source of light.
You can see Cafe Belmont upon entering the hotel lobby.
Marbles, mirrors, and soft lights. We availed of DealGrocer's voucher for the restaurant's famed Blueberry Burger. It was large, but I don't understand the hype about the blueberry. It's not like the fusion of tastes created something else. It was like layering different textures, but no extraordinary flavour was formed. That's my humble opinion.
Deal Grocer Deal: Php350
Belmont Blueberry Burger + Chilled Fruit Juice of choice
Complimentary bread basket
Tomato and Shrimp Sour Bisque: Php185

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Cafe Belmont
Belmont Hotel, Newport City, Pasay
Tel: 02 318-8888
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Darwin Dimsum Hongkong Special

Monday, July 17, 2017
Darwin Dimsum Hongkong Special is a modern take on Chinese dimsum houses, with simple but effective interior decor. Caged droplights, and panoramic views of HK fill the wall.

Designed like traditional ceramic plates, these lot was actually lightweight.
Darwin's Special Asado Bun: Php108
Darwin's Special Hakaw: Php158
Vermicelli Rolls with Shrimp: Php158
Century Egg Pork Congee: Php148
Chicken Feet and Spareribs Rice: Php168

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Darwin Dimsum Hongkong Special
SM Jazz Mall, Makati
Tel: 02 805-6291
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Saturday, July 15, 2017
Lartizan is bakery and tea salon which can easily transport you to a quaint little street cafe in Paris, with its classic French decor, detailed interiors, and charming flair. They open doors around 7:30-8AM to serve breakfast, offering a nice spot to unwind early morning as other establishments won't be open until 10 or 11AM.
Seating area outside the premise for smokers, pet owners, and those who prefer to dine al fresco.
Love the view from here. Romanticism translated.
A pop of flower in surrounding silver, and neutrals.
Red couches were a lovely touch.
Free-taste baskets filled with bread, and pastry pieces
Cakes and pastries
Organic Eggs Benedict on Toasted English Muffin: Php315
Croissant, house jam, butter: Php175
Cafe Mocha: Php180
Fleur d'Oranger Oolong (pot for one): Php185

  • Came here for the Eggs Benedict, of course. It was different. The thick muffin was pretty good at absorbing the perfectly poached eggs. Salmon completes the classic Eggs Ben, even with limited sauce on plate, I was able to finish the whole thing off with full savory flavours in every spoonful.
  • Their tea pot is covered with this royal, velvety-cashmere jacket of sort.

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Serendra, Fort Bonifacio
BGC, Taguig
Tel: 02 511-7866 / 02 560-2620
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